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In the realm of professional and creative writing, my philosophy revolves around the art of expression. I believe words are tools that, when wielded with purpose, they can build bridges of understanding and passion. Through my dedication to writing, revision, and a commitment to authenticity, I strive to create a world of words that not only convey information but evoke emotion that leaves a lasting impact on readers.

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Ugh, Mom!


Tayler Hill

Tayler Hill, a Canadian author and literary intern hailing from the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario, brings a unique blend of passion and expertise to the world of literature. Armed with a dual degree in publishing and creative writing, Tayler has skillfully translated her knowledge into the fulfillment of her lifelong dream of becoming an author.


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Editing Services

My specialty is substantive/developmental editing. I can help you with the “big picture.” That can be plot, pacing, character arcs, themes, character motivation, world-building, etc! A developmental edit includes an editorial letter that will summarize the book’s strengths, opportunities for improvement, and recommended revisions.

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