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Saving My Ten

A powerful and heart-wrenching memoir that documents the author's journey of overcoming a life-changing experience. It's a book that tells the story of resilience and strength that emerges from becoming pregnant at seventeen. Hill shares with her readers the challenges she faced after experiencing a life-altering event that left her feeling alone, scared, and lost. She doesn't try to hide the impact of the traumatic experience on her life. Instead, she presents it honestly, which makes the story all the more touching. While this book touches on difficult and emotionally draining topics, Hill offers hope and a road map to healing for others who might be struggling. Her willingness to share her journey serves as an invitation to others to take charge of their lives and to fight for the happiness they deserve.

Ugh, Mom!

"Ugh, Mom!" follows a creative little girl named Jade (or Jadey Girl Gummy) who spends her days slaying dragons in her room, finding lost treasure during bath time, and royal mushrooms in the backyard. But she has a hard time doing that when mom takes her sword and uses it to unclog the toilet! Ugh, Mom! When Jade hears her mom say her famous words, "Ugh!" she decides to investigate and learns something crazy... Moms are busy, too!! Who knew?


A story about frustration, compassion, and kindness: "Ugh, Mom!" is the type of book that should be on every child's shelf. This story shows children the kindness of lending a helping hand. Featuring a cast of an adventure-loving little girl with an imagination that could change the world and a tattooed mama who does all but dance on the moon, this book is a charming way to appreciate all that moms do!

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