The Illustrator: Manon de Jong

Manon is a freelance illustrator, living and working in Amsterdam. She draws with pen and ink, and plays around with beautiful paper, creating prints and combining this in her work.

She was happy to tell Folk & Tales about her process and influences in 10 Questions.

To the lighthouse by Manon de Jong

To the lighthouse by Manon de Jong

Inherent in Manon's work is a sense of adventure and curiosty.  Whether travelling, sightseeing, reading, climbing trees, or looking at the stars, her ragdoll-esque characters  stand out due to her use of clean lines and bold, colourful pattern.

The same spirit is reflected in the beautiful illustrations Manon created for Boet en de rode knop (Boet and the red button) written by Marije Koopmans.  Using her mixed technique of collage and black lines, her illustrations portray three secret dream-trips Boet makes in his helicopter with the magic red button.  I adore Manon's minimal palette of white, greys and pastels combined with the bright pops of red, as well as the resulting texture of her mixed media method.  As ever, I look forward to more of Manon's spirited characters!

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