The Illustrator: Barbara Dziadosz

Barbara is a Polish-born, Hamburg-based freelance illustrator who specialises in printmaking and character design.  

She talked about her inspirations and work ethos in  10 Questions with Folk & Tales. 

Spring attire by Barbara Dziadosz

Spring attire by Barbara Dziadosz

Most noticeably, all of Barbara's characters have personality in abundance.  In their bold, bright, and slightly surreal glory, the people in her work capture the attention of whoever is looking.  This is, in no small part, down to her distinctively dreamy colour palettes.

Guided by the theme that takes her fancy at any given moment, her whimsy often leads to small series' like the one below that referenced  'Women in Aviation.'  I especially admire how instantly recognisable her work is by its familiar, and assured use of shape, and colour.  There is always more to look forward to, where Barbara's characters are concerned!

Find Barbara and her work on Instagram, at and at her shop.

All images belong to Barbara Dziadosz.