The Illustrator: Blanca Gómez

Blanca is Madrid-based illustrator and graphic designer who attracts a broad range of commissions internationally.  The umbrella of Cosas Mínimas (meaning literally, 'tiny things') covers her work across editorial, interior design, stationery, books and advertising, as well as beloved personal projects.

She was happy to answer 10 Questions for Folk & Tales which give an insight into her inspirations and process.  

I love the work she produced above for Offerrådgivningen, a Danish national charity that helps all sorts of crime victims.  It's the perfect example of how Blanca's minimal style conveys a sense of emotion in it's simplicity.

Watch her drawing in action, below!

Find Blanca on Instagram, Flickr, in her Etsy shop: blancucha, and at

All images belong to Blanca Gómez.